Hello there, I'm Brandon.

I’m a creative director and designer working in the interwoven fields of user experience, interaction,  and industrial design. I believe that delightful contemporary products exist where these disciplines overlap, and that design leads the way for the definition of this new generation of products.

I'm currently the Director of a talented UX team at Sonos that delivers the Sonos App; the centerpiece of our system that delivers brilliant sound across services and content types, provides effortless control, and lets listeners configure our speakers and components to fit their needs.

I was previously the Director of UX at Navdy, where I led a team of designers creating a safer driving experience. I was responsible for both the UX and visual design of all of our digital products, including our native Android and iOS apps, our marketing and web efforts, and our Navdy Display, a heads-up display that let drivers focus on the road while staying connected and informed.

I was previously Creative Director of Interactive Products at Astro Studios, where I led the practice of UI/UX and helped our partners explore new conceptual spaces and deliver exceptional product experiences. 

Since 2001, I’ve designed apps, devices, TV applications, websites, services, consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, soft goods, men’s accessories, and airplane seats and in-flight entertainment systems. I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies and small startups, and find each and every project an opportunity for growth and exploration.

I’ve led multidisciplinary design teams including UX, visual design, brand, and industrial designers on projects ranging from new product concepts, prototypes, to research and strategy.

As a practicing designer, I’m also hands-on, working to define a strategic framework for each project, then sketching and ideating concepts, developing interaction models, refining functionality through wireframing, making mock-ups, interactive/physical prototyping, and executing through engineering and development.

I’ve worked on projects for Navdy, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, HP, Corning, Proctor & Gamble, Bose, ClearCaptions, Boxee, Panasonic Avionics, Steep Hill, Jinni TV, Oculus, and Amazon.

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Brandon Lynne
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